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02/12/18 10:48 AM #189    


Mary Yates (McGarr)


Thank you for your efforts here.  Could you possibly post photos of the Memorial in El Paso for those of us who don't live there?


Mary McGarr   (Knight, Yates)

02/12/18 01:39 PM #190    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hi John.   I did not know either Ed or Robert, but feel indebted to them for their service and sacrife.  We commend you for your efforts in getting them the proper recognition.  Thanks for all you are doing.   Have a great year.

02/13/18 09:01 PM #191    


John Moreno

Mary and Glenn: I inserted pictures I took of the Vietnam wall but put the pictures in the Photo Gallery.  I found that Robert Burciaga is on this wall and I missed it.  That is good news.  More good news is that I received more information from a friend (who played an integral part in getting the wall) who found information on Ed Sornson!!! She found additional pictures where he graduated from high school in Dover, DE. His sister, Dee Robinson, posted on fb when he was killed. She has not posted recently so we are having trouble locating her. I want to inform her and her family that it appears we have enough information and confirmation from the pictures that the Edward H. Sornson is the same person who wrestled on our team in 1964 at Irvin High School and the person killed in June 20, 1966 in Vietnam so we will have his name engraved on the wall. I will let you know when it is a done deal!!!!




02/14/18 01:54 PM #192    


Glenn Gonzalez

Great work, John!   Thanks for much for your work in recognizing and honoring our classmates

02/14/18 03:53 PM #193    


Mary Yates (McGarr)


I also thank you for finding this information.  I remember this fellow from Irvin.  

I googled his full name, and the photos came up.

I appreciate what you are doing.


03/06/18 12:14 PM #194    


John Moreno

Thank you, Glenn and Mary.  I have an update on Ed H. Sornson.  His sister, Denise (Dee) contacted my friend and I. I was overwhelmed she called!!! She advised me that her family moved back to Dover, DE. in 1965, upon their father's return from his deployment.  Ed graduated from that school there. The family then moved to Calif. when their father retired from the military.  This is why Ed was buried at Ft. Rosecrans, San Diego.  She is also sending me a letter with pertinent information on Ed so I can present to the Board of Directors for the El Paso Vietnam Wall Memorial. I have been told that it will be approved based on all this information I will have but I am hoping to get a DD-214 and some information from the EP Public School District with Sandy Messer's and Janett Sarracino's help. We probably won't make it in time for Memorial Day but now shooting for Veteran's Day, Nov. 11, 2018 to have his name added to our Vietnam Memorial Wall. I will confirm dates later and will post that. More to come.....

03/07/18 10:54 AM #195    


John Schmidt Jr.

Thanks John for keeping us up to date and for all that you are doing to recognize and honoring our veteran’s.

03/07/18 11:01 AM #196    


John Schmidt Jr.

I received the information below from Bryson McCool (class of 65).  All Irvin Alumni's who might be interested are invited:


• DATE: Departing September 23, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. out of Galveston, TX and returning to Galveston at 6:30 a.m on September 30. 2018.
• Ship: Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. Click on the link to see photos and info on the ship.
• OUR GROUP PRICE (prices include taxes & fees):
o Balcony cabin - $966.82 per person
o Oceanview cabin - $676.82 per person
o Inside cabin (no window) - $ 596.82 per person
• REGISTRATION (there is no payment at this time – just registration)
Go to, click on Groups, go to IRVIN65, type in password (rocket), then go to registration. This will provide Marty Gore Spears with your information. Once she receives your registration, she will contact you regarding credit card and when to make your deposit. This must be done through her to get our group rate. DEPOSITS can be made NOW but NLT May 26, 2018 with FINAL PAYMENT DUE June 26, 2018. Deposits will be refunded if cancellation is done prior to June 26. After June 26, there will be penalties.
• PORTS OF CALL: Roatan, Honduras; Belize, Belize; and Cozumel, Mexico.
Recommend that attendees arrive in Galveston the day prior to the cruise so that we can all get together that night! Hotel information to be provided soon! LET’S CRUISE!

03/07/18 11:52 AM #197    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hi John, thanks again for your efforts to get recognition for Ed Sornson.   As an El Pasoan and Irvin student, he should be recognized for his service and ultimate sacrifice.   We pray for his eternal rest.

03/30/18 11:37 PM #198    


Glenn Gonzalez

I am saddened to report that Jerry Creel, class of '64 and captain of the basketball team, passed away on March 20, 2018.  He was living in Odessa, TX at the time of his passing.  He is survived by his brother Bill, class of '65, and twin sons Joe and Jesse.  Bill is married to our classmate Jeanne Osgood Creel.  May Jerry's soul rest in peace.   We will miss him.

03/31/18 04:44 PM #199    


Pam Davis (Cotten)

Glenn, thank you for letting us know about our recent loss.  It happens too early to too many of us, doesn't it? That's why I'm glad that so many of us are able to get together as often as possible to reconnect & to manintain great relationships!


04/01/18 12:37 PM #200    


Dianne Koelbl (Wilson)

Rest In Peace, Jerry. Thank you Glenn.

09/15/18 03:11 PM #201    


John Schmidt Jr.


Got a chance to join some of our classmates for dinner at Adobe Verde in Gruene, Tx. and then on to the Watering Hole Saloon in New Braunsfels for dancing.  What a great time we had.

From Left to right:

John Schmidt - 66

Liz Jensen

Gary Mayne

Karen Newguard Mayne - 66

Glenn Gonzalea - 66

Lynda (Teri Wiley sister)

Teri Wiley - 66

Marge Gonzalez

Jerry Barrett - 66


09/16/18 02:15 PM #202    


Martha (Marty) Vass (Townsend)

Looks like a lot of fun!


09/16/18 09:25 PM #203    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hi John, thanks for posting this picture of us at Adobe Verde restaurant in Gruene.  We all had a wonderful time.  Thanks to all for making the trip to Gruene - especially Teri Wiley and her sister Lynda.  Teri lives in South Carolina, and Lynda lives in the Dallas area.   Of course, we finished the evening with some great country/western dancing at the Watering Hole.

09/25/18 05:41 PM #204    


Pam Davis (Cotten)

Glenn, John, Marge & everybody...... wishin' I had been there!!

09/26/18 03:24 PM #205    


Glenn Gonzalez

Pam, we missed you and Marston.  Hopefully you can join us the next time.  We'll keep you informed.  See you soon - Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso.


09/27/18 01:57 PM #206    


Pam Davis (Cotten)

"Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso."........ YAAAAAY! Can't wait, Glenn!   I love the way we get to see such a cross-age of graduating classes!  ALWAYS a great time! ROCKETS forever!

11/12/18 11:39 AM #207    


John Moreno


Hello everyone! Update on Edwin H. Sornson!! We added his name to the El Paso Vietnam Memorial Wall located at Flags Across America, that was established by mostly Northeast El Paso veterans as Tony Lewis and Jimmy Melver and friends.  After a year of searching and finding information on Ed or "Red" as we called him, and after his sister Dee (Sornson) Robinson, provided us missing information on Ed, we were able to get the approval to do so. I was thrilled to have done this and be the one who made the announcement and unveiling with Dee yesterday. Dee, Kimberly and I rode in my 1967 Chevelle Supersort and drove to the Flags Across America site, where the ceremony was held to honor all Veterans, 11/11/18. After several speakers and songs as God Bless America, the ceremony was moved to the Wall. There, I made the announcement of adding Ed's name and Dee and I removed the flag covering his name. It was great to see this come to fruition. Dee now lives in Phoenix and drove here Saturday and returned yesterday. She was in tears most of the dedication and I imagine on her long trip back home. I presented her with a plaque and flag provided by Commmissioner Andrew Haggerty. The flag was flown on the county building about a week prior to the ceremony. I also presented her with a collage I put together of pictures of Ed and Dee and our Irvin wrestling team on behalf of The Legacy of Valor veteran's group I have joined. I have commitments for donations from David Ambrose, Sandy Messer and I thus far, as there is a $300 charge for adding names to the wall. But before I come to you and ask for donations, I first want to ensure if other vet groups may want to pay and/or make donations as well. I know many of you will want to donate as well for this cause, but let me do further checking.  I thank you all in advance. Thank you David, Sandy and Janet and all the rest of you for supporting me in this endeavor. GO ROCKETS!!!  (Please see pictures on my Photo Gallery).






11/13/18 11:04 AM #208    


Mary Yates (McGarr)


Thank you for your diligence in honoring your classmate.  We all appreciate your efforts.

Mary McGarr

11/13/18 12:40 PM #209    


Glenn Gonzalez

John, thank you for your efforts in locating Ed's information and his sister.  It is important that we recognize and honor him for paying the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Adding his name to the Vietnam Memorial Wall is the right thing to do.   I am willing to donate.  Just tell me where to send a check.  If you want to chat by personal email, contact me at   Stay warm.

11/14/18 02:01 PM #210    


Dianne Koelbl (Wilson)


ConHello John, I know how proud you are to complete the research to a Ed’s name to the memorial.  I just had a similar circumstance with my almost  98 year old friend that passed away. She was an army nurse during WW2 and she and her husband both wanted to be buried at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Or. the problem was that her son had talked her into having her husband cremated and ashes spread on a river in southern Oregon. She made me promise I wouldn’t let him talk me into that with her. He did try but I didn’t let it happen. I asked about getting his name added to her marker and did research to make that happen, but it turned out to be such a unique situation that they put a marker next to hers. He had a Purple Heart and four Bronze stars, they met when he was in the hospital in either England or France. It is one of the things I feel most proud of. The service 10-30-2018 and was beautiful. It is time now for me to go see the engraved and placed. Thank you for your service and your commitment to honor out veterans.


11/25/18 06:01 PM #211    


Jerry Barrett

In case you want to see the 2018 LSU-A&M game condensed down to less than 30 minutes.


Aggies win in 7 overtimes 74-72.

11/26/18 01:05 PM #212    


Mary Yates (McGarr)



I stayed up and watched it the other night!  Didn’t think I’d ever see that many overtimes again!  Saw some great plays by a lot of really tired football players.



11/26/18 02:12 PM #213    


Glenn Gonzalez

Jerry, thanks for posting.  I only saw the overtime, but that was enough for me.  Great plays by both teams in overtime, but the defenses were exhausted.


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