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01/31/17 02:37 PM #163    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hi John, thanks for fixing the website.  El Paso from the drone was fantastic. Though the Navy sent me to many different places to live, I still love the desert.  Marty Robbins' El Paso and tumbleweeds always bring back great memories of our fair city.  Hey, Guy, I totally agree with your Dad.  I love all songs by Marty Robbins, especially "El Paso."  It was the first western song by any artist to catch my attention, and I sing/hum it to myself all day long.

02/26/17 08:38 PM #164    


Jerry Barrett

How Great Thou Art
The world's first all-vocal country band. Using nothing but their voices.
The world's first all-vocal country band. Using nothing but their voices, Home Free sings How Great Thou Art amid gorgeous background scenery. What did you think of ...

02/27/17 10:13 AM #165    


Armando Maldonado

Jerry, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this video.

02/27/17 03:11 PM #166    

Guy McCool ('65)


Wowzers!  These guys are fantastic.....especially with only 5 of them...they manage to have gr8 "depth".  They also have outstanding individual when they sing together there is a definite "synergy" there.  Thanks for sharing this!

I discovered a larger "A Capella" singing group on YouTube a couple of years ago called Perpetuum Jazzile (pronounced Per-pe-two-um  Jazz-ill-lay).  The group is based in Slovenia (Melania Trump's original home....and that country is just incredibly BEAUTIFUL). The group's popularity has "taken off" and they travel around the world performing.  Seeing them in person is definitely on my "Bucket List".  They're very talented and they all seem to love what they do and also appear to be having a lot of FUN!

You can watch all of their videos by keying in Perpetuum Jazzile on the YouTube "Search" box on

Here are 3 of my favorites: 

AFRICA:  Turn your volume up early because they are trying to simulate rain and eventually thunder BEFORE they start to patient.



After I submitted appears that the "links" are only showing up as you will have to select the entire link and paste it into your browse and then hit RETURN.


02/27/17 03:26 PM #167    


Glenn Gonzalez

Thanks for posting, Jerry.  The music is fantastic.  Hey Guy, thanks for your recommendation on Perpetuum.  I'll check them out, too.  Everyone - have a great musical day.

02/28/17 10:42 AM #168    


Pam Davis (Cotten)

FABULOUS, Jerry!! So enjoyable, and I plan to pass it along to others.  Thank you!


02/28/17 11:00 AM #169    


Sherry Shutt (Reed)

John, I loved the video of El Paso! Fun to watch and listen to. Jerry, what a beautiful video of a wonderful group and hymn. I will check them out further. What Guy said about their voices... right on. Guy, I'll also look at the group you told us about. I sure know how to spend a day, right?

03/08/17 05:51 PM #170    


Cheryl Greer

Thank you John and Mary, for the awesome " El Paso" by Drone View,  Ireally did enjoy. Just think of the changes this city has had in the past 50 years.  These kids now days just take it all with a grain of salt. Glad I'm at the age to appreciate all those years and changes.

03/22/17 01:23 PM #171    

Mary Yates (McGarr)

I never have seen a photo that was taken of me, Tom, Sandy, Toni, and several others at the Saturday night reception/dance.

Can anyone send me a copy, please?


Mary McGarr

03/24/17 01:15 PM #172    


John Schmidt Jr.

Hi Mary, I have searched all the pictures that I have and all the pictures that where sent to me for our 50th Reunion DVD.  I cannot find a picture that matches your description.  If someone sends you the picture, please post it on our website.

03/24/17 04:51 PM #173    

Mary Yates (McGarr)

Thanks for looking!  Will let you know if someone sends it.

Mary McGarr

04/09/17 08:28 PM #174    


K. Gail Browne (Phillips)

Anyone interested in a mini reunion of Midwestern dwellers? If so, I can put something together in the Detroit area. Maybe over a weekend? Maybe lunch together in the Mexicantown area of Detroit? An evening at a comedy or jazz club? I'm thinking early to mid September this year. 

04/10/17 11:10 AM #175    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hi Gail, thank you for your kind offer to organize a mini-reunion.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend one in your neighborhood in the near future.  Hopefully, others might have the time.  It should be fun. Incidentally, have you heard of the mini-reunion planned for the early classes (''60 - '66) at Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso from Oct. 16 - 19?  A few of the '66 classmates are planning to attend that one.  If you're interested, I can connect you with the organizers - Pam Davis Cotten ('62) and Byron McCool ('61).  Hope to see you soon.

05/01/17 08:55 AM #176    


John Schmidt Jr.

Classmates enjoying a night out at the Hill Country Cattle Women “Spring Roundup” in Kerrville, TX.  The funds raised went for scholarships and other continues educational endeavors throughout the Texas hill country. 

From left to right: John Schmidt & Liz Jensen, Steve & Jen Clemens, Jim & Rita Arket

05/02/17 12:21 PM #177    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hey John, thanks for sharing.  I am sorry I missed this event and missed seeing all you nice people.  I plan to attend next year.  See you all soon.

05/13/17 07:21 AM #178    


Glenn Gonzalez

Hi John, thanks for posting information on the 2017 Irvin Alumni Rendezvous to be held at Inn of the Mountain Gods in October in the Home Page.  Hopefully, many will read it and come.

05/14/17 11:20 AM #179    


Pam Davis (Cotten)

Ditto, Glenn & John...... We want and need lots of representation of Class of '66 in Ruidoso. We always have a blast, and last year's group was made up of about 60 classmates from classes of '61 - '68.  We'll hopefully see all you guys October 17-19, 2017. Come help us keep making memories!! Let Bryson McCool ( or me ( know if you plan to be there.  We'll publish an updated attendee list the first week of July.                             Pam (Davis) Cotten ~ class of '62



05/15/17 01:04 PM #180    


Glenn Gonzalez

HI Pam, we thank you and Bryson for organizing this mini reunion at the Inn of the Mountain Gods from Oct. 16 - 19.  John and I will continue to remind our classmates throughout the summer.  So far, several have expressed interest in attending. 

05/16/17 11:19 AM #181    


Pam Davis (Cotten)

Glenn, there can be no greater ambassadors than you and John!  We're so glad you guys are part of the team, and so glad you're spreading the word.

11/05/17 08:07 AM #182    


Jerry Barrett

Here today and gone tomorrow


11/06/17 11:29 PM #183    


Armando Maldonado

Great, but sad video.  Thanks for sharing, Jerry.

11/08/17 10:17 PM #184    

Ron Spivey

Enjoyed the presentation Jerry, thanks a lot.

Ron Spivey

11/09/17 03:17 PM #185    

Dianne Koelbl (Wilson)

The “good old days” are gone. We were lucky to have spent our youth in those days. So much fun to be had by the innocent kids we were!

11/21/17 09:35 AM #186    


Jerry Barrett

Millennial Job Interview - Pretty Funny! 2:46


11/23/17 04:36 PM #187    


Glenn Gonzalez

Jerry, thanks for posting.  The millenial job interview is hilarious.  That technology is way beyond me.  Thank God I am old and retired.

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